Where It All Began

When I was a kid we traveled for two reasons: sports and going to see family. From a young age I was dedicated to multiple sports and the competitions that came along with it. Here I am seven in speed skating camp in Yellowknife, NT. Throughout my childhood, I also traveled for hockey, figure skating, soccer, track & field and other school sports and Cadets. 

When we went to see family we were always running around outside. We spent many months playing on Grandmas farm building a tree fort, playing ManTracker, catching kittens and dealing with the goats. I could go horseback riding with my cousins at their house. I had the most fun-packed summers complete with water skiing and tubing, fiddle camp, swimming, sport camps and much more.


Photography Origins

Since I was a kid, traveling the world was my goal. Over many years of hard work and dedication I‘ve turned traveling from a hobby, into a business. I’ve been traveling the world, capturing the beauty and unique qualities of local destinations since 2000.

My first camera was a polaroid in 2000 for my fourth birthday! Photography is the main way in which I share my experiences with the world, and I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. My goal is to photograph as much of the world as possible, and share the treasures of the planet with anyone who wants to journey with me.